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Our primary mission is to provide hope and resiliency to honorably discharged Veterans and First Responders, to restore the camaraderie that was lost the moment each exited service. 

With suicide, depression and anxiety on the rise amongst our heroes, there can never be enough help or support our nations heroes can rely on or turn to in a time of need.


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Tyson's Corners Retreat and Wellness Center

Why We Do This

Texas Warrior 100 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, which has been established to help honorable discharged veterans, First Responders, and the local community.  With the rise of suicide, anxiety and depression with our War Fighters and those First Responders who support our community.  We feel it is imperative we provide some additional help. We have partnered with Tyson’s Corners Retreat and Wellness Center to help build and maintain resiliency. 

In collaboration with Tyson’s we will host service projects and team building events in order to rekindle the fire in our national and community heroes' hearts. There is a certain bond you have while serving your country, which can be extremely hard to replicate for many when they exit service. Through physical and mental challenges, we give these heroes hope and tools to return home with a rejuvenated excitement for life.

Originally, we started this organization for veterans/military only, but quickly became aware of the staggering suicide statistics amongst our First Responders.  With depression, anxiety, and suicide on the rise within our Hero population we decided to expand to include First Responders as they also witness tragic events and suffer from many of the same conditions as our military.

“In his book, Tribe, Sebastian Junger talks about how a group offers strength and support. This is particularly true in the Fire Service and Military.  These men and women spend a large percentage of their life with the same group.  The laugh together, cry together and see the same horrific scenes together.  When a person leaves the tribe, that support structure is lost and that’s when symptoms can manifest out of nowhere.  This could be leaving the military, retiring from the Fire Service or even injury.  Finding a tribe both at work and outside of work is imperative in dealing with the demons that haunt you.  Humans are innately tribal and find solace in groups of their peers.” - James Geering

Help Our Cause

Your generous, tax deductible donation to Texas Warrior 100 will change the lives of  Veterans, First Responders and the communities in which they live. You will help bring hope and resiliency back to our nation’s Heroes.

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Charity Bicycle Ride

Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic we here at Texas Warrior 100 have reluctantly made the decision to cancel the 2020 Texas Warrior 100 Charity Bicycle Ride. 

This has not been an easy decision for us to make, but we feel it is the right one to make under these trying circumstances.  The safety of all participants and volunteers is our utmost concern.

We hope you all will continue to support us on our future events, and continue to support our Veterans and First Responders through your generosity.  

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